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Can therapy really help me?

Yes, it can. Counseling gives you a place where you're not judged, you're not told what to do, and you won't be forced to listen to just one single opinion. I want to give you a place to feel safe to share about yourself. Therapy takes some work at times. And, I won't lie, it can get uncomfortable and messy. But, I feel like most people leave counseling feeling like the time and energy they put into therapy are well worth it.

How can I tell if a counselor is a good fit for me?

There are a few ways that you may go about figuring that out. One way is the "you'll know when you know" method. It's important to feel like you connect with someone if they're going to be your counselor.
Another option is to do a little research and see if anyone specializes in the problems that are bringing you to therapy. That can be really valuable. Most therapists offer consultations to determine if they will be a good fit for you. I offer a free 15-minute consultation for people interested in therapy.
In the end, it really is your decision, and it's one that you are definitely able to make! If nothing else, you deserve to decide on your therapist. For parents, it's going to be the best bet to let your teen have plenty of input in choosing their therapist.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can contact me by calling, texting, or emailing me, or requesting one through the website to schedule your appointment. I'm easy to get in touch with. I am generally available during my office hours, from 10:00 am-6:00 pm, Monday-Friday. However, you're welcome to reach out at any time. If I don't answer, I'll make sure to get back to you within one business day. I'm usually quicker than that, though.
If you have an emergency and I don't immediately answer or it is outside of business hours, please visit your nearest emergency room or call 911. If you have a medical emergency, visit your nearest emergency room. Or call 911 before calling me.

Can you prescribe meds?

I can't prescribe meds. MDs and Nurse Practitioners are able to prescribe medication. I typically recommend seeing a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner to discuss medication. A psychiatrist is an MD who specializes in psychiatric medication, and a psychiatric nurse practioner is a nurse practioner who has the same specialization.
There are so many different titles of people working in mental health, and I know it can get so confusing. So, don't feel bad if you weren't sure on this one!